Kayla & Lampost

Just a honey butter obsessed gal from Texas trying to find a bit of love, truth and joy while living each day more intentionally. My name is Kayla - follow me as I explore what becoming an adult is really all about.

Welcome to Honey Butter Gal! Out of school, newly single and recently arrived to New York City, I realized that maybe I wasn’t entirely alone with my frustrations about how to actually be an adult. What originally began as a creative outlet to showcase my love of food quickly evolved into a platform to help others live intentionally.

On Honey Butter Gal, you'll find three key themes: intentional living, navigating your post-grad life, and travel. 

Intentional Living shows you have to incorporate simplicity, minimalism, and mindfulness into your daily life.

Quarter Life Crisis addresses fears, challenges and successes of entering early adulthood, while Money Mysteries tackles the financial logistics of growing up.

On the Town explores the fun and exciting opportunities of living in New York City and abroad, as well as any other travel experiences.

Follow me along my daily adventures, missteps and successes - I promise there’s tons of honey butter along the way.