100+ Companies That Let You Work From Home

As a broke college student working two jobs, I was always desperate for more income, but it never seemed like there were enough hours in the day. In an act of desperation, I started searching online for jobs I could work from home (or in this case, my dorm), and was always disappointed by survey posting after survey posting that seemed like a scam. This list includes real jobs - run by real, professional companies - that you can work from home and that pay between $10-20 (or more) an hour.

This list isn’t going to include your typical work from home jobs, like driving for Lyft, for two reasons:

1. Everyone (for the most part) already knows that you can participate in the gig economy through apps like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb. While you can make a living out of doing those things, the barriers to entry - like having a car, or feeling comfortable with people sleeping in your home - aren’t always realistic for some people.

2. In my experience, the cost benefit of doing things like online surveys or mechanical turk postings just aren’t worth it. Most of the “popular” online jobs you see pay pretty terribly. Like 5 cents for every one tasks that will take you at least a few minutes. Who wants to sit at a computer all day to make only $20 when there are other, higher paying online jobs out there?


I was initially going to create just one post on this topic, but the more I started writing, the more I realized just how many online jobs there are for people to do. The final list has over 100 companies. Yes, 100 companies that I have personally verified are not scams and actually pay over $10 an hour!

Because of the high volume of companies - and because I don’t want to overwhelm you all with a literal wall of text - I’m sending the full list out as a subscriber-only bonus later this week in my newsletter, which means if you’re not subscribed, you’re seriously missing out on easy money.

I get it, signing up for newsletters are a commitment, and who wants extra spam in their inbox?

But when you see how legit these jobs and companies are - and how much time I’ve spent vetting these companies so you don’t have to - you’ll see what I mean.

Without further ado, let’s start making some money at home!

Real Jobs You Can Work Remotely

English Language Tutoring ($10-17/hr)

Think of it as teaching English as a Second Language, but for people in business and professional services. The nice thing about these programs (besides the fact that you can do it from home) is that you don’t necessarily need to have ESL training or experience.

Depending on who your students are, some companies will prefer professional experience. At the end of the day, you’re helping your students learn to understand office speak and more broader social idioms, so you’ll need to feel pretty comfortable with how to explain things like “we’ll circle back to that on Monday.”


  • Due to the global nature of the job and your students, you have a very flexible schedule.

  • You develop casual acquaintances, or even friendships, with people who live all over the world.

  • Teaching experience isn’t a requirement for some companies.


  • You need to have a background or experience in a professional setting for some positions, which you may not have if you’re a college student.

  • Some programs also require you to have teaching experience and/or feel comfortable with the native language of the student you’re teaching.

  • Reliable internet access and a computer; some companies will also require you to have a landline.

  • Reliability for appointments can vary - if a student doesn’t show up, you don’t get paid.


English Language Tutoring Jobs

Cambly - Lessons are more informal and social, but pay is capped at $10.20/hr.
goFluent - Students are learning English for business, so previous office experience is important. Pay is around $14-15/hr.
Lingoda - You’ll need to have teaching AND language experience for this one, but is reflected in the higher pay.
SameSpeak - You can be as young as 16 to become a teacher, and are paid $10 for every half-hour session.


Customer Service Representative ($8-16/hr)

Desk Flaylay

This is your pretty standard work from home gig.

You’ll usually be working for larger national or regional businesses, and will answer customer complaints or questions. For example, when I had a problem with my bank from Texas a few days ago, the customer service representative was actually working from her house in a Houston suburb.

Pay is generally a bit lower, but I’ve included companies in the list below that pay within the $10-12 an hour range.


  • Low barrier to entry - most companies only require a high school diploma or GED.

  • If you work enough hours, some companies will provide benefits and other forms of compensation.


  • Your hours will probably be a bit less flexible, depending on the company and industry you’re working for.

  • Pay can be pretty low for the amount of work you’re required to do.

  • You need to have a dedicated landline for a lot of the companies.


Customer Service Representative Jobs

American Express - Start out making $16/hr, but you’ll need to sign on as full-time employee.
Amazon - Pay is hourly, starting at $10, but there’s an opportunity to earn bonuses and other hours-based incentives.
Hilton - Technically $9/hr, with opportunity to earn an extra $2 based on performance metrics and incentives.
Support - Need to pass background check, but you earn $10.25/hr after training and can receive benefits.


Community Standards Manager/Moderator ($11-16/hr)

Your job is to make sure a website, online group or chat room sticks to its community standards. It’s a fairly easy process, but it can get time consuming or overwhelming depending on what you’re moderating and the volume of posts.

A few weeks ago, Radiolab did an excellent piece where it talked with Facebook moderators about some of the psychological effects of being the gatekeeper of online content. It’s worth keeping in mind that this job may not be for the faint of heart (depending on what you’re moderating).


  • There’s little to no startup costs.

  • As long as you have some general common sense and can follow the community rules, it’s a pretty easy process.


  • It can range from cleaning up foul language to literally removing pictures of gore and pretty horrific stuff. Tread lightly.

  • Can become time consuming, depending on how many hours you’re supposed to be online.


Community Standards Manager/Moderator Jobs

CrispThinking - The application includes a brief questionnaire, including how you potentially handle certain online situations. Pay is on a sliding scale, but averages $15/hr.
ICUC - Must live in U.S. or Canada, with pay averaging $11/hr. 
Lithium - Your basic tech startup. Pay starts at $12/hr
The Social Element - More of a corporate vibe, with opportunity to advance within the agency. Pay is between $13-15/hr.

Online Tutoring


Online Tutoring ($10+/hr)

Unlike some of the options for teaching English, where you don’t necessarily need to have experience teaching, online tutoring requires that you’re pretty confident in the area or subject you’re teaching.

Obviously subjects like math and SAT prep are more popular. However, one of the benefits is that you can tutor for just about anything, including hobbies like drawing or Photoshop. Udemy is the premier online site for uploading your own content and sharing it with over 20 million students.


  • Very lucrative, depending on what you’re teaching.

  • Really great for college students, who can easily offer tutoring services for a class they aced last semester.

  • Good way to stay sharp on a subject after graduation.

  • Opportunity to be incredibly flexible - depending on the platform you choose, you don’t necessarily need to be “online” to make money.


  • Some subjects are seasonal (i.e. test prep)

  • You may be limited on how you can teach something - it’s the company’s way or the highway

  • Demand for certain subjects can increase competition for positions, limiting your options if you’re not “an All-Star”

  • You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree (or proof that you’re in school)

Online Tutoring Jobs

Chegg - Need a Facebook account, but really popular with current or recent college students. Pay averages $20/hr.
Elevate K-12 - You’re tutoring students during school hours, so your schedule is pretty limited. Pay starts at $15/hr.
Revolution Prep - Right now, only math is available for part-time tutoring and is limited to elementary school, but at $26/hr, should you be complaining?
Skooli - Subjects are limited to math, reading and science for K-12 students. Pay starts at $25/hr.
Udemy - A great way to make some passive income, but YOU create the course, so the amount you make depends on the quality and value you’re providing.


Search Engine Evaluator ($12-15+/hr)

The other day my dad and I were joking about fake sounding jobs - I know, father-daughter award of the year - when he said, “What if you got paid to just search the internet?”

Well, dad, turns out you can.

Sometimes our internet searches are too vague - or unintentionally offensive...

Bad Google Search Result

As a search engine evaluator, you’re doing what computers can’t do (yet). In its most basic sense, you’re rating and ranking a search engine’s relevancy or accuracy.

Search engine evaluators typically sign an NDA, which means we know very little about the actual work besides what I just described.


  • Work is generally incredibly flexible, and unlike some of the other work from home jobs, doesn’t require special equipment besides having a computer and internet access.

  • You’re getting paid to literally Google (or Bing) things.


  • Most evaluation companies require you to test into the position before you can actually start earning.

  • Income can be inconsistent, with some companies only paying once a month.

  • The work flow and demand can vary.

  • You’re getting paid to literally Google (or Bing) things.


Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Appen Butler Hill - Requires more of a time commitment (four hours/day) than other evaluator companies. Pay is reported to average out at $14/hr.
Leapforce - Need to be familiar with Google suite of applications, and pay is only deposited once a month.
Lionbridge - Work can be limited, but you can work between 3-30 hours/week at $14/hr. 
iSoftStone - Limited to Bing, so you’ll need to have Internet Explorer (I know, I’m sorry). Pay is capped at around $13/hr.

Real Companies You Can Work Remotely

So, those are the first five types of jobs and 20 different companies that allow you to work from home.

The subscriber-only download will follow this same format, with 15 additional jobs and over 100+ verified companies that offer work from home opportunities that pay at least $10 an hour.

I’ll be sending it out in this week’s newsletter on Monday (8/27/2018), and will also have it available for download in my resource library - which you'll have access to via my newsletter.

I hope this initial list has showed you that online, work from home jobs aren’t just limited to call center work, and that you have the power to create the type of financial freedom you want - even in your pajamas!

Do any of you have experience working from home or for any of the companies I’ve highlighted? Let me know if there are other companies you think I should include on this list!